Things I’m thankful for as a writer


Finger joints! For typing, holding pens, and obnoxiously cracking when I’m about to start a new scene.

Paper! And subsequently trash cans, for throwing crumpled balls of said paper.

Windows! So I can stare out of them all Broody Writer like.

Candles! For mood lighting when I want to seduce my book into finally revealing the solution to this plot hole.

Chairs! For, you know, sitting!

Lamps! For, you know, seeing!

Ice cream! So I can cry into the handy bucket it comes in while sad-eating over my latest rejection.

Email! For getting those rejections even faster.

Twitter! For NETWORKING, of course… What? I’m not addicted, you’re addicted!

Procrastination! So I can… eh, I’ll finish this sentence later.

And lastly… This one’s not a joke… I am enormously grateful for all of YOU awesome people for reading this blog and lending your continuous support. I appreciate every single one of you.

Thank you.



14 thoughts on “Things I’m thankful for as a writer

  1. I’m glad you’re appreciative because to be frank having to wade through your consistently insightful blog posts and quality writing is a bit of a drag. And don’t get me started on the whole “having to respond to the generous comments you take the time to leave on my site” thing because that’s just a total bind…

    May your joints be cracky, your candles moody and your ice-cream tubs tear free for years to come 🙂

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  2. Loved the list and I relate to these points too well 😀 Except the lamp one. My lamp is on my desk and I never remember to switch it on when I probably should. So it is there for decorative purposes basically. Actually so is my desk since I work on my bed with terrible posture. I think my next post is going to be, “Reasons I am a flawed human being” and will include this point there 😀

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  3. Hehe, great list! I’d have to add green tea, coffee, wine, chocolate, and more coffee to it for it to wrk for me.. What? I’m not addicted! For real! Also, after staying in a town by a paper mill I’ve decided I hate paper now- it doesn’t stop me from using it of course, but now instead of whispering sweet nothings to my notebooks I just curse them and purposely tear their evil edges. Also- your procrastination line really made me giggle, and I love reading your posts- so thank you for writing them!


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