Everyone, meet Zalea.

Zalea, this is everyone.

2015-04-17 zaleaCharacter portrait by yours truly.

Zalea is the second-most main character in the fantasy novel I’m working on. She’s part of a race of humans blended with tree elements (inspired by the dryads in Greek mythology), who can manipulate the growth and shape of botanical life. She has brown skin scattered here and there with wood knots, and hair the same color as the fuschia flower that grows from her tree branch horn. The rest of her people have symmetrical antlers that stretch outwards above their heads, as a tree would – Zalea here is the only one with the curled horn on one side. The others poke fun at her for it, but she doesn’t mind; she laughs along. 🙂

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My first publication!! The Houseplant in Love with a Girl

fireworksI am VERY excited to announce that the hilarious e-magazine, Vandercave Quarterly, has published my short story, “The Houseplant in Love with a Girl.” Huzzah!

This is my first publication. Ever. So please excuse me while I flail wildly and probably fall down.

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I also highly recommend the other stories and the first issue as well. This mag was my top choice because of how much they made me bust up laughing. The editors rock, and I can’t thank them enough for their publication. 🙂