Let’s DEWEY This! – the 100’s


Last month, I introduced a fun little venture I’m doing called the Dewey Decimal Discovery project. If you missed that post, here’s what it is: I’ll be reading one nonfiction book per month from each of the Dewey Decimal categories. At the end of each month I’ll talk about all the great new info I’ve stuffed into my…

… What’s that called again? My headmush. No, my skulljunk. My greyspaghetti. Dang it, what’s that word?? RIGHT, my brain.

Speaking of brains! February was section 100, which includes one of my most beloved topics: psychology. This topic is my jam. Choosing just one was tough, but I decided on “Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain” by David Eagleman, Dewey Decimal #153. It’s about all the behind-the-scenes machinations our minds go through without our awareness.

Here are the things I found most interesting in this book:

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The INSTA-LOVE trope: just add water!


There are few things more grating to me than the insta-love trope seen so often in fiction. This device essentially involves shoving two characters in the same room, then poking them with a stick until they have nowhere else to go but each other’s arms.

The development of their relationship usually looks like this:

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Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

Before we begin, I want to make a quick announcement:  I have a new publication out at Slink Chunk Press! “Margarine”the almost-butter, or the girl who’s almost-alive.

I hope you give it a read. I would be so grateful. Now, moving on!


My rad friend Tarquin has nominated me for the Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award! Thanks, friend! Tarquin has given me 10 questions to answer, after which I will ask 10 new questions to my nominees. Here we go:

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