The Selkie’s Husband – Gingerbread House Lit

In case you missed it, here is my latest publication at the amazing Gingerbread House Literary Magazine. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading!

Gingerbread House Lit Mag

Rain fell the day he went to the shore, to see the place where his wife left him. Grey weighted the clouds like sacks full of stones, sagging closer and closer to the sea. Grey upon grey, water upon water, the sea and sky took hands. The way he once took hers.

She never held his hand long. Always wrenching from his grasp, her flesh still as slippery as a seal. Sometimes she would oblige him, sit shaking like a penned animal as he made hushing noises and rubbed her knuckles with his thumbs.

Please let me love you, he would say. I’ve earned it. I found your skin.

Only gulls visited this beach, and his threadbare cabin stood alone as if it had washed up there. It wasn’t far, the place where he discovered her skin. Just a brief stroll from his house towards the rocks that huddled like…

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The Selkie’s Husband, now up at Gingerbread House!


I am so, so, so happy – like, heart bursting out of my chest happy! – to announce that my short fiction entitled The Selkie’s Husband is officially published at Gingerbread House Literary Magazine! This is my favorite piece I’ve written thus far, and with a journal I adore, so this publication is a personally significant one. It would mean the world to me if you gave it a look. (If not for the story then at least for that wowzers artwork by Anna Dittman – holy smokes!)

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My year in books! 2015


How many books did you read this year?
54! I’m not a bookworm. I’m a bookanaconda.

What was your number one top favorite of them?
Oh man… Oh jeez… *chews fingernails* WHY DO YOU ASK SUCH HARD QUESTIONS. You know what, no, I’m not playing by your rules. I’m picking more than one!

My top favoriteSSS were:
The Crane Wife (Patrick Ness)
The Book Thief (Marcus Zusak)
Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel)
Bird Box (Josh Malerman)
The Last Illusion (Porochista Khakpour)
The Enchanted (Rene Denfeld)

Okay okay, if you were to hold a gun to my head, first I’d ask why you care so much about this as to bring firearms into it, and secondly I’d probably say my top fave was… The Crane Wife. THERE, I PICKED.

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On this day, December 1st, thousands of writers across the globe are mopping their brows, nursing their keyboard-burnt fingers, and collapsing into piles of first draft pages. That’s right – NaNoWriMo is complete. Three cheers to all those who faced the challenge!

For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and the goal is to write as close to 50,000 words as you can between November 1st and 30th.

I personally didn’t participate, but I got asked a lot if I was, so I thought I’d write a post explaining why. This isn’t to knock the NaNo’ers, just to provide my own perspective.

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