Let’s DEWEY This! – the 200’s


Oh my Ganesha! Is it time for another one of these already?

March brings us to the 200’s in my Dewey Decimal Discovery Project, the section ~devoted~ to religion and mythology. (Did you catch my pun there?) While not a religious person myself, I do have an interest in folklore, so I decided to read Josepha Sherman’s “Mythology for Storytellers: Themes and Tales From Around the World,” Dewey Decimal #201.3.

Here were my favorite fables ~

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You’re a writer? I’ve thought about writing a book someday…


Many writers respond to the above sentiment with a groan, a smirk, a roll of the eyes so intense they risk pulling a muscle. Some respond with downright disgust. “How DARE someone insult my LIFE’S WORK by thinking they might want to try it!”

I don’t understand this response. At all.

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A non-coffee drinker’s ode to coffee shops


I’m not much of a coffee drinker. In fact I usually can’t stand the stuff, aside from the rare iced vanilla latte. I know, I know – blasphemy! As a writer, I’m supposed to run entirely on caffeine, ink, and more caffeine. I’m supposed to have a manically scribbled notebook in one hand and three mochas in the other, gulping them all at the same time as my late-night eyes bug out over the cups. But nope, not me.

Yet as much as I don’t care for coffee, I do like coffee shops.

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To the woman on the bench

~ a fictional letter-story ~


To the woman on the bench left of the crabapple tree by the fountain, who wears that coat with all the buttons and I think has black hair but might just have really dark brown hair, and who yesterday was looking much sadder than usual —

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