Been readin’ most our lives, livin’ in a bookworm’s paradise

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A few days ago I started a new job as a library assistant! It’s been awesome. How could it not be? I’m surrounded by books all day, talking about books all day, handling books all day, scoping out the back cover descriptions of books all da–I MEAN, definitely not getting distracted by that, of course not, nope. 🙂 I’m kidding, I’ve been way too busy learning the ropes for any distractions. Library work is a lot more complicated than it looks on the outside, hoo boy.

Some of my friends have asked what exactly a library assistant is, and how it differs from a librarian. Well, assistants do a lot of what you’d consider librarian-y: checking books in and out, searching for items within the system, studying the market in order to answer bookish questions and recommend titles, plus the less glamorous work of dealing with overdue fines and such. We also hold programs, events, clubs, etc, as well as putting books out on the shelves. Full-fledged librarians do the high-up stuff, like ordering new books, cataloguing them in the database, budgeting, hiring, etc. Academic librarians may also do research and archiving. Oh, and firstly they need a Masters in Library Science.

People colloquially call us all librarians though, and that’s fine. 🙂

Here are a couple fun things that happened during my first few days:

While shelving, I saw a little girl drawing a big scribble. She then loudly exclaimed to her mom, “Look! I drew a FART!” The mom urged the daughter to lower her voice, but the girl just proudly trumpeted, “It’s a fart!! This is what farts look like!!!” I was trying so hard to keep my laughter quiet that tears came to my eyes.

I did Storytime, which was a blast. Only three kids showed up, so instead of reading in front of them, stage/audience style, we sat around a small table and I asked them questions while I read – something I probably couldn’t do with a big group because they’d all talk over each other. I really enjoyed that cozy setting and the kids were cute and sweet and fun to talk to. Gave my heart a smush.

A woman checked out a book on John Muir, who is my HISTORICAL HERO ❤ ❤ ❤ and we bonded over that. That’s exactly the kind of moment I was hoping for with this job.

I’ll be sure to share more ~Adventures in Librarying~ in the future. 🙂 Til then, cheers!



21 thoughts on “Been readin’ most our lives, livin’ in a bookworm’s paradise

  1. Sounds like a blast, maybe the perfect job for a writer, other than writing of course. Out of curiosity, and if it’s something you’re able to answer. How’s the health of public libraries in general in the US? Here in the U.K. you get the impression it’s a dying tradition.

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    • Libraries here are still fairly strong, at least in my area. Budget cutting by gov officials is a problem, but the public usage is high. Other areas may be struggling more than mine, though. I guess it depends on where in the US you are. I’m sorry to hear they’re not doing well in the U.K., that’s so sad! ☚ī¸

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  2. Your job sounds fantastic, Noel, a bookworm’s dream. The fart story reminded me of another. A kindergartener tells her teacher, “I’m drawing God!” The teacher protests, saying that no one knows what God looks like, and the little girl says, “They will now.” The assistants at our library display their “weekly picks” at the ends of the stacks. I’ve learned that their choices are often excellent. I got to BE one of the programs the staff sets up last spring–I did a poetry seminar for National Poetry Month. Just five people, but it was a blast, probably because the group was small. Congrats, Noel, I’m envious. 🙂

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  3. One day when I’m big I’m going to have a day at work where I feel like you sound 🙂 Your words and enthusiasm never fail to brighten up my day. Our local library seems to be run on a budget of discarded coins yet there still remains something magical about an entire space filled with books and luckily our kids are already addicted!

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