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The Houseplant in Love with a Girl – An overdramatic perennial longs for his human caretaker… until someone moves in on his turf. Vandercave Quarterly, April 2015.

Fingers – A tale of two claw game toys, one slimy human, and the 25 cents that could upend everything. Jersey Devil Press, October 2015.

The Selkie’s Husband – Based on European legend, a seal sheds its hide on the shore and steps out as a human woman. A lonely man steals the skin, trapping her as his wife. Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, December 2015.

MargarineThe almost-butter, or a girl who’s almost-alive. Slink Chunk Press, January 2016.

The Watching Man – A lonely lurker with a penchant for following people sees something he shouldn’t have seen. The J. J. Outre Review, May 2016.

Hungry – A surrealist flash fiction about a woman who tries to eat her feelings away, until there’s literally nothing left. The Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, July 2016.

Log Jam – Soon to be published in The Bohemyth, 2017.

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Prose Featured On This Blog

Alone – A flash fiction about the secret things we do when no one is looking.

Beard Man – Self-help books and hairy superheroes. What more could you need?

Oliver Tries Online Dating – A humorous character study.

Hobo Stories – Some down-on-their-luck stories must live on the streets until they can get published.

In Case of Zombies, Learn KarateA failsafe plan for the apocalypse.

Wake Up Call – A prose-poem about the subconscious ways our emotions find their way out.

To the Woman on the Bench – A fictional letter from one lonely stranger to another.

She is Not a Dancer – A narrative essay that takes a gritty backstage look at a dance studio.

Say Cheese – A humorous piece about coping with emotion in public.

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Silly Posts

Next time, muse, I’ll need to see a doctor’s note – A guide for overcoming that pesky writer’s block.

Tips on Writing REAL Real Good – A satirical how-to.

Things I’m thankful for as a writer – Finger joints, chairs, and more!

All Night Long – For readers who read way past their bedtime.

How to Avoid Talking to Someone You Do Not Want to Talk To – For my fellow hermits.

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Poetry & Snippets

Sunlight on her wrist

Her hungry heart


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