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The Houseplant in Love with a Girl – An overdramatic perennial longs for his human caretaker, until someone moves in on his turf. Vandercave Quarterly, April 2015.

Fingers – A tale of two claw game toys, one slimy human, and the 25 cents that could upend everything. Jersey Devil Press, October 2015.

The Selkie’s Husband – Based on a European legend, a seal sheds its hide on the shore and steps out as a human woman. A lonely man steals the skin, trapping her as his wife. Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, December 2015.

MargarineThe almost-butter, or the girl who’s almost-alive. Slink Chunk Press, January 2016.

The Watching Man – A lonely lurker with a penchant for following people sees something he shouldn’t have seen. The J. J. Outre Review, May 2016.

Hungry – A surrealist flash fiction about a woman who tries to eat her feelings away, until there’s literally nothing left. Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, July 2016.

Log JamA gesture of kindness between strangers prompts an onlooker to consider the sometimes inexplicable nature of depression. The Bohemyth, May 2017.

The Bones and the Bird – A dark fairy tale about a witch who can change her shape by eating feathers and bones. Psychopomp Magazine, August 2017.

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Prose Featured On This Blog

Alone – A flash fiction about the secret things we do when no one is looking.

Beard Man – Self-help books and hairy superheroes. What more could you need?

Oliver Tries Online Dating – A humorous character study.

Hobo Stories – Some down-on-their-luck stories must live on the streets until they can get published.

In Case of Zombies, Learn KarateA failsafe plan for the apocalypse.

Wake Up Call – A prose-poem about the subconscious ways our emotions find their way out.

To the Woman on the Bench – A fictional letter from one lonely stranger to another.

She is Not a Dancer – A narrative essay that takes a gritty backstage look at a dance studio.

Say Cheese – A humorous piece about coping with emotion in public.

30 Lines for 30 Years – Pretty much what it sounds like: I wrote 30 one-line stories in honor of my 30th birthday.

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Silly Posts

Next Time, Muse, I’ll Need to See a Doctor’s Note – A guide for overcoming that pesky writer’s block.

Tips on Writing REAL Real Good – A satirical how-to.

Things I’m Thankful For as a Writer – Finger joints, chairs, and more!

All Night Long – For readers who read way past their bedtime.

How to Avoid Talking to Someone You Do Not Want to Talk To – For my fellow hermits.

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Poetry & Snippets

Sunlight On Her Wrist

Her Hungry Heart


Uproot Me


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