Sunlight on her wrist

Sun came in through the blinds as she laid in bed, casting a band of light directly down the center of her wrist. As if she had sliced herself and found golden light underneath. She laid there, that dreamy morning, and imagined that we are all full of light. Not blood, not tissue, not bone, but rays of sun. Maybe that’s what people are looking for, when they hurt themselves. Maybe they want to see that there is still a glow, just a small one, still there, hiding beneath the surface.


Post-conference updatage


These past two weeks have been quite the whirlwind. Hmm, you know what, I’m a writer, I can come up with something more original than “whirlwind.” These past two weeks have been quite the… party girl on her fifth tequila spinning around on the dining room table.

Not as catchy. “Whirlwind” it is!

And really it’s been more like a brisk breeze but come on guys, I’m not a perfect-analogy MACHINE here.

So, what’s been going on?

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