A book survey!

I was tagged by the wonderful Caroline Peckham! This was so fun that I expanded it with a few more questions from other surveys on her blog, because I can’t get enough talking about books. 😀

Find a book on your shelves for each of your initials.
book initialsSNB. All three of these are amazing novels, particularly the middle one.

Count your age along your book shelf. What book did you land on?
Let’s see, I’m 28, so that would be… Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings. I haven’t read this – it belongs to my boyfriend. Funny that I landed on one of his when he has about 3 books and I have about 30000000000000000. (Slight exaggeration, but not by much. 😛 )

Find a book you’ve read that takes place in your city or state.
The Mountain Story, by Lori Lansens. Takes place in southern California.

Find a book that represents a destination you would love to travel to.
Is it cheating to say Harry Potter?? I would totally go to Hogwarts if I could. 😀 Alright alright, to be semi-realistic about it (in a roundabout way)… Lord of the Rings, because the movies were filmed in New Zealand, and I am dying to go there. It is at the tippiest top of my travel list.

Find a book cover in your favorite color.


Which book do you have the fondest memories of?
The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle. What a beautiful book… (wistful sigh). First read it when I was 12.

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?
I had a different answer for this originally but changed because HOOOO BOY THIS WAS THE REAL HARD ONE. I had repressed it in my memory — American Psycho, by Brett Easton Ellis. Most upsetting, traumatizing thing I’ve ever read. WHY DID I READ THE WHOLE THING??

Which book in your TBR pile will give you the biggest sense of accomplishment when you finish it?
Well right now I’m about 300 pages (less than a third) through “IT” by Stephen King. It’s very good! But I need a break. This sucker is long!

Do you have a special place at home for reading?
We have a lovely little side room we call “the library,” where we keep our books, my writing desk, and a big papasan chair. It’s my favorite room in the apartment, and I do enjoy reading in there, but I don’t use it much for that since the papasan’s not comfy for extended periods. I usually stick to the living room couch, which is BUTT HEAVEN.

When do you usually do your reading?
I usually find myself reading around either 3pm, 6pm or 9pm. Those seem to be my sweet spots that I alternate between. I used to get the bulk of my reading done at my playhouse job during shows, but they outlawed that. Twas a sad day indeed.

What do you use for bookmarks?
I have a few for-real bookmarks, plus some random freebie bookmarks from bookstores, writing groups, etc, and some I made myself out of artsy paper. My favorite has a baby penguin on it which I got from a nature conservancy giveaway.

line break 3

That’s it for now, though I expect you’ll see more book surveys down the road. 😉 If you’ve got any fun literary questions you want to ask for a future post, go for it!

Oh right, I’m supposed to tag people. I think these people would get a kick out of doing this:
Lorena Black
Jamie Leigh
Jessica Marie Baumgartner


12 thoughts on “A book survey!

      • So I didn’t get a notification about your reply here, and then happened to see it one day, and then forgot about it, and just now remembered it. Anyway, sorry for the delayed response!

        I have no idea how many books I own. I’ve bounced around a lot in the last several years, collecting and then disposing of books along the way to make room for new ones. Many are still stacked up at my parents’ house, or my in-laws’. There’s only a handful that have accompanied me on every move I’ve made (Bridget Jones among them!). And I would estimate that classics make up around half of the ones at my own apartment. The rest tend to be general fiction or travel guides.

        I’ve actually started a spreadsheet of my “ideal library” — all the books I’d like to own a copy of when I can build a more permanent personal library in a more permanent home. But that’s still a few years and a few moves away, so for now I keep cycling books in and out of my bookshelves!

        What about you? Do you have a huge library, or do you get rid of books after you’ve read them?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, no worries on the delay! WordPress gets glitchy sometimes.

        Do you own so many classics because of the Greatest Books challenge you’ve been doing, or did you love classics already? And why all the moving may I ask? Simply curious! You mentioned travel guides, so I figured those two things are connected. 😉

        I used to not own many books because I didn’t make a lot of money. I still don’t, haha, but I now live near a one-dollar used bookstore, sooooo PURCHASES GALORE!! I now have way more than my bookcases can even handle. I’m addicted and I love building my collection. The idea of a massive library is so romantic to me!


      • Speaking of glitchy… I’m not sure if this reply will end up in the correct thread. But anyway, here goes:

        I don’t have a particular passion for the classics. I just didn’t know what to read anymore after I finished my studies and no longer had 8000 reading assignments waiting for my tired eyes. I’ve been working on the Challenge since then (2011, I think?), so that’s why the classics take up so much of my bookshelf. These days I am reading classics almost exclusively so I can finish the Challenge and move on (finally).

        And as for the frequent relocation(s)… I met my husband when I was studying in France, and we moved to London together for a few years after that. About two years ago, we moved to New York, with two- to three-month stints in Indiana and Virginia along the way (to visit my family). So our books (and other belongings) are pretty scattered! There’s no real “why” to the moves other than “we felt like it” (at least, in the short version). We’ll probably stay in NYC for another year or so, then move on to somewhere a little more permanent. And yes, I do love to travel!

        Used bookstores are the best. You can justify so many more purchases. 🙂


  1. Ok…
    1) “Is it cheating to say Harry Potter?? I would totally go to Hogwarts if I could. 😀 Alright alright, to be semi-realistic about it (in a roundabout way)… Lord of the Rings, because the movies were filmed in New Zealand, and I am dying to go there. It is at the tippiest top of my travel list. ” Are you actually me???!?!? I mean seriously. This is exactly exactly something I would say.
    2) THE LAST UNICORN IS SOOOOO AWESOME!! Have you seen the movie too? I’m kind of obsessed with both the book and the film. It’s kind of my go to story when I’m feeling down. That and Ponyo.
    3) So you’re reading “It”… I’m very sorry. I hope the therapy bills after you finish aren’t too high…
    4) You are awesome.
    5) That’s it. I just like listing things.
    6) Yep, still going…
    7) Ok ok I’ll stop now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! I too will list my reply:
      1) … because I like listing things as well.
      2) I absolutely adore both the movie and the book of The Last Unicorn. SO MUCH MAGICAL.
      3) Aw, Ponyo! Haven’t seen that in awhile but I remember really liking it.
      4) Many a person has said similar a thing to me about “It.” Yikes.
      5) You’re awesome-er!

      Liked by 1 person

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