All Night Long


I light the last candle, turning to see the bed now cast in a soft golden glow. Saxophone music plays in the background. Lounging seductively upon its petal-sprinkled sheets is the book.

It slips off its dust jacket, drops it to the floor.

The book slowly opens its cover, fanning its pages and unleashing that papery scent.

It rests at page one. The corner of the paper twitches, beckoning me to approach.

I crawl over the mattress to where the book awaits, glide my hands under its spine. Nestling against the satin pillows, I pull the book into my lap. I brush my fingers over the text, relishing the sight of its deep black ink.

And then I read…




line break 3

Haha, hope you guys liked this silly thing. It was inspired by many a tired morning after reading way past bedtime. 😉


11 thoughts on “All Night Long

  1. I generally read until the book falls and hits me in the face. Then I know it’s time to turn out the light and go to sleep. After one of George R. R. Martin’s hardcovers struck the bridge of my nose, I decided to stick to paperbacks in bed.

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