2-for-1 combo deal


Last Thursday I got two acceptance letters for short stories in one day.


Seriously, what weird cosmic fluke is this!? This isn’t me. Who am I? What planet am I on? How does… That is… What!

The first one I got in the morning, while I was at home, with the only one witness to the event being my dog. I started bouncing around the room, fist-pumping and squealing, “YES! YES! YES!” My dog had no idea what was going on, but her tail-wag looked victorious to me.

The magazine? Gingerbread House – one of my top favorites. The story? “The Selkie’s Husband” – one of my top favorites. Double whammy of WOOOOO!

The second one I got that evening while at work. It’d been a hair-pullingly stressful couple of hours into my shift (I was at my playhouse job, not the library – hard to imagine a bunch of bookworms causing anyone stress in any form. “You! With the Hemingway! You are being TOO quiet!”) Anyway, I was at the playhouse working box office and after every single technological thing that could go wrong… went wrong… and the line of patrons finally disappeared into the theatre and the show finally started… I let out a long sigh, got up from my seat to stretch my legs, and heard the buzz in my pocket.

I had to read the letter twice, three times. No. That’s impossible. Insane. … Really?

I grinned to myself but kept silent. While my first letter got outward expression of excitement – jumps and squeals – this one I held privately in cupped hands, let it bubble within me like a juicy secret. Mostly I was in disbelief.

No. Freaking. Way.

Way, apparently! “The Selkie’s Husband” will be up at Gingerbread House later this month, and “Margarine” will be up at Slink Chunk Press!

By the way, “Margarine” is a story I’d been trying to publish for a YEAR. After slews and slews of rejections, it’s such a relief to see it find a home. Persistence!


22 thoughts on “2-for-1 combo deal

  1. Fantastic! Such great news and very well deserved 🙂 You are one of the most positive and generous people I’ve met on the whole of this inter-web thingy (and I’ve been to the end and back. Twice.) and it’s lovely when good things happen to good people.

    p.s. if you’ve got any other stories still seeking a home then please send them in to Literally Stories – I guarantee it will be read by four fellow writers of impeccable reputation as well as some Welsh idiot who may or may not be called Nik 🙂

    p.p.s. if the p.s. part sounds like a website plug (not my intention!) and you don’t want it tarnishing your comments section then please edit the comment and chop it out. But definitely leave in this pps part as it’ll confuse future readers of this post for millennia 🙂

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