The Sunshine Blog Q&A


The fabulous L.B. Scott nominated me for The Sunshine Blog! Fun and merriment ahead.

How to do:
~ Thank the person who nom’ed you, of course. (Nom = nominated, not “om nom nom.” You are not obligated to thank a cannibal for nomming you.)
~ Next, answer the 11 questions your nommer gave you.
~ Finally, nom some more folks and ask them 11 questions of your own!

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Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

Before we begin, I want to make a quick announcement:  I have a new publication out at Slink Chunk Press! “Margarine”the almost-butter, or the girl who’s almost-alive.

I hope you give it a read. I would be so grateful. Now, moving on!


My rad friend Tarquin has nominated me for the Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award! Thanks, friend! Tarquin has given me 10 questions to answer, after which I will ask 10 new questions to my nominees. Here we go:

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I can’t say NEIGH to a unicorn!



unicorn award

The wonderful Caroline Peckham has given me this very magical, very sparkly blog award! Thank you Caroline! I’m so excited about this because, even as an adult, I’m still a sucker for unicorns. It’s all Peter S. Beagle’s fault.

This award is Caroline’s own creation, and she describes it as such:

This award is designed to celebrate your individuality as a person and fellow blogger. If you think about it a unicorn is just a horse with a horn and YOU are just a person with a blog and yet both equate to something special and unique!

Right on!

As a condition of accepting the award, I have been challenged to write a blurb about my life, as if it were the back of a book. Alright folks, here we go:

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Versatile Blogger Award


The lovely triSARAHtops has presented me the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Sarah! I’m not sure I’d call this blog versatile, since it’s mainly a bunch a’ writing about writing. But never one to turn down a chance for awkwardly long acceptance speeches, I humbly accept this award and would like to thank my mom, my boyfriend, my dog, that weirdo at the bus stop, this pen cap that I can’t find the pen to, your mom, also yo mama, sliced bread and all the best things that came after, my—oh they’re turning on the music now.

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