When I’m not writing, I’m getting pencil dust on my fingers and paint under my nails. Here is a sample of my artwork:

2013-04-08Rainbow Reverie, April 2013

2014-10-9Transcend, October 2014, reference credit

2015-04-02It’s okay to not be okay, April 2015, reference credit

2013-06-16Orbs, June 2013, reference credit

2014-02-24O lente currite noctis equi (“O softly run, nightmares”), February 2014, reference credit

2015-09-23I’m homesick for a place I’ve never been, September 2015, reference credit

2013-04-05Friend of Fishes, Dreamer of Seas, April 2013

2014-03-31Hands that make things, March 2014, reference credit

2015-06-12Efflorescence, June 2015

2014-10-16Blindness, October 2014, reference credit

2014-01-08Today, he decided. Today will be different. January 2014

2014-03-24Dryad, March 2014

2015-04-17 zaleaZalea (character portrait from my WIP), April 2015, reference credit

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Click here for more of my artwork!

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