First query and movie casting fun


I have officially sent out the FIRST QUERY for my fantasy novel, The World Keeper. Ahhh! As I wait for responses, I decided to use this time productively and cast the actors for my book’s imaginary film adaptation. Haha. Because that is an efficient use of my day.


First up: my protagonist, Jules, played by Ellen Page:

Twenty-five year old Jules is snarky, ravenous for knowledge, a bit walled up, and though she longs for companionship, she has a much easier time making friends with books than with people. She’d sooner crack a joke than divulge her true feelings. She yearns for an adventure, but struggles with chronic self-doubt due to the criticisms of her mother.


My secondary main character, Zalea, played by Hannah Simone:

Zalea is a dryad who can manipulate plant growth with her touch (but don’t ask her to grow a straight line, that’s way too hard). She has tree branches growing from her head like antlers. Zalea is cheerful and loving, but her mind thinks in odd, childlike ways. Jules quietly falls in love with her.


Supporting character, Iosif, played by Idris Elba:

Iosif (pronounced eeYO-sif) is an assassin – stoic, taciturn, hard-edged, but gentle with animals, with whom he is able to communicate wordlessly. His ears are somewhat elven, with the classic pointed top, but they also include a pinched middle like this symbol } and an elegant tail at the bottom that slopes out behind his neck. He wears earrings to symbolize the number of people he’s killed, one hoop for each. (He ran out of space a long time ago.)


Supporting character, Lusa, played by Zoe Saldana:

Lusa has the skin of a snake – honey hued scales accented by darker brown splotches like a walking Rorschach test – as well as a hairless head and reptilian ridging down her spine. (I promise I’m not trying to typecast here, picking an actress who has been a fantasy humanoid in two other movies; she really does fit!) Lusa is a plucky and headstrong explorer, one of the few to leave her isolated desert city in search of the faraway. Iosif gets a crush on her and hasn’t the slightest clue what to do about it.


And now for – dun dun dunnnn – the villain: Marius, played by Ezra Miller:

Marius is a former slave who revolted against his oppressors, and to compensate for his earlier life, he is now bent on world conquest. Neglected as an infant and surrounded by violence every day of his childhood, Marius lost all empathy and found brutality a thrill. (This casting choice may have been influenced by his role in We Need to Talk About Kevin, but he does evil so damn well.)


And lastly… A minor but important character, Chantal, played by Kate Winslet:

Chantal is Jules’s mother, a woman who was always overbearing, critical, and snobbish, but it wasn’t until the death of Jules’s father that she became downright mean. Her harshness masks a deep grief, however, and she cares for her daughter, even if she shows it poorly.


There are more characters I would love to talk about, but those are the biggies.

Tell me, do you have casting ideas in mind for your own stories? I’d love to hear about them. 🙂

~ Noel


10 thoughts on “First query and movie casting fun

  1. No why would I think endlessly about who would play my characters in a movie, that doesn’t sound like me at all! Ok then, the only definitive one I could come up with is Russel Crowe for the main villain, other than that I really struggle. I’ll just have to cast up and comings when it inevitably happens. Your book sounds great by the characters, hopefully I’ll get to read it someday.

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  2. I always wanted Sean Bean to play my Midas Brown character but then I realized I’d have no choice but to kill him off 😂 Sounds like you’ve had a (much deserved) day of novel-related fun!

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