New story at Kaaterskill Basin Lit! Plus some blog news…

hot air balloons


Hey guys! I have a new story out!! Woooo! It’s a strange, surreal piece about a woman trying to literally eat her feelings away. Please give it a read over at the lovely Kaaterskill Basin Lit Journal; it would mean so much to me. Thank you!

In other news, I’m taking a blog-break for the next few weeks. I could say it’s because I want to revitalize my soul by getting away from screens, frolicking in the summer air and experiencing life… I mean, I’m doing that too, but the break is because I’ve run out of posts. 😛 Need to store up some material!

In the meantime, perhaps I will re-blog some of my faves from a long time ago. Or perhaps I won’t, and WordPress will have to SOLDIER ON BRAVELY without me. *single tear* We’ll see what I’m in the mood for.

Actually, after some careful and extensive deliberation between that paragraph and this one, I’ve decided that yes, I will do some re-posts. I’m remembering a couple fun ones from my early days that didn’t get many views, being the newbie that I was. I’ll start those next week.

Tchao for now!

7 thoughts on “New story at Kaaterskill Basin Lit! Plus some blog news…

  1. Looking forward to the reposts! And Hungry is an excellent story – thoroughly enjoyed reading it a week or so back. Great to see your work getting out there 🙂 Now please leave me while I mourn your absence by sobbing into my keyboard for a while. No one likes to see a snot-caked, puffy-eyed wannabe writer 🙂

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