Gonna karate chop these edits into completion!


To celebrate our 5-year anniversary in a few months, my boyfriend Craig and I are traveling to French Polynesia. Yesterday was a very badass-feeling day of scheduling. Flights booked – kapow! Hotel booked – kapow!

And amidst all that, somehow I ended up with a deadline for completing my book’s revisions. Extra-kapow!

How that happened is Craig mentioned the trip would not only be a great celebration of our anniversary, but also of his venture into self-employment (which is starting around the same time), and my finishing of my book. I reminded him that it’s only the first draft I finished, so by the time we travel several months will have elapsed. Not really a timely celebration.

But then I thought… Ooooh… What if I finish all my revising and rewriting by then? THAT will be cause for celebrating.

I didn’t think I did well with deadlines, but this might be just the kick in the pants I need. I’ve been procrastinating my revisions, picking at only a few easy things, because the hefty stuff is very intimidating. Every time my book looks at me I quickly turn away and whistle and pretend I didn’t see it.

But having this concrete deadline with a very lovely reward might be exactly what I need to stop dithering about. For the past month I’ve been all “I’m not ready, it’s too scary, I’ll edit later, later…” But now I have some good motivation.

It definitely won’t be polished and submission-ready by then. But the fine tuning can come after our trip – my main concern is the bulky work. Adding scenes, the plot fixes… That’s the hard stuff. If I can get that completed, I will feel damn proud of myself.

It’s officially a plan. And I start… today! KAPOW!!


21 thoughts on “Gonna karate chop these edits into completion!

      • Yeah, I’ve found deadlines helpful when I’m revising. There’s something compelling about writing a first draft – I NEED to finish – and that helps me get it done. But I have to be more creative about finding ways to get myself to revise . . .

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  1. Do it! When it looks at you, stare it down! Ultimately these books are just big scaredy cats. They must be subdued. I’ve been working on my edits too. Nearly there… I must consider setting a deadline…

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  2. I think… not long. I’ve got a few more smallish things to fix and then I’ll do another read through, make sure I didn’t miss anything. Shouldn’t take more than a week. Then, I plan to send it out to round two of beta readers!

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    • Haha if you want the messy version with parts scribbled out and the metaphorical equivalent of bubblegum stuck to its pages, then sure! Right now I’d say it’s worth about… 4 pennies and a paper clip.


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