I call it… “Le Rejection”


I wish my rejections came in old-fashioned letter form, like in the good ol’ days, so I could make a papier mache sculpture representing my despair. Working with my hands always makes me feel better.

Haha, it’s okay, I’m not actually despairing right now, but I have my moments. I know how the publishing industry works, how long it takes even for the most talented writers, that even J.K. Rowling got rejections up to her eyeballs. I know all that, but I still wake up sometimes with a weight on my chest and think, “It’s not going to happen. It’s just not going to happen.”

What gives me hope is the small handful – like, VERY small handful, a child’s hand, or one of those malformed baby-hands that never grow with the rest of your body and just dangle off your shoulder uselessly – of nibbles that I’ve received. I recently got feedback from an agent who had SUPER NICE things to say. She saw potential and had glowing remarks about the writing and characters. This is awesome because it means I’m close. But she also pointed out problems that I’m not sure how to fix… I keep thinking and thinking about them, yet still I’m at a loss.

I’m thinking that once I hear back from the current round of agents I’ve submitted to, I’m going to put the book aside – TEMPORARILY, OKAY, temporarily. I’m not giving up on it – I love it too much. But I’m already overloaded with working on my second novel (which is almost done btw! That “almost done” status is taking forever because I’m at the most challenging part, but it’s ALMOST DONE!) So I don’t have it in me to thoroughly revise my first novel at the moment. What I think I’ll do is put it aside, focus on finishing and editing book 2, and then while I’m submitting that one I’ll see what I can do to improve book 1. Because there’s NO WAY I’m plunging into writing a whole third novel right after this, no way, no thank you, no siree bob. I LOVE book 2 but it’s a love that has kicked my butt and doing that all over again exhausts me just thinking about it! So that’ll be a good time to work on book 1 again.

In other news, and great news at that, two more of my short stories have been accepted for publication! They should be coming out soon. Huzzah!!

And now, back to the WIP. Er, in a minute. After I dust the window blinds… And iron my shoelaces… And alphabetize the cereal boxes… And…


10 thoughts on “I call it… “Le Rejection”

  1. I agree, I’m so impressed you have written two novels. I’m sure you will get them published; it’s just a question of time and finding the right person to read and appreciate them. Well done on getting more stories published, look forward to reading them.

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  2. Congratulations on the two new shorts being published, look forward to reading them, as always. And don’t forget, in a parallel universe, your novel’s already been accepted and published and you’re a successful novelist, philanthropist and humanitarian with your own range of healthy microwaveable meals.

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  3. I’m sensing that “almost done” as a writer strikes the same dread chill in your soul as in my previous work existence as a project manager when developers would tell me they were “90% complete”. Generally that meant they were only 3 months short of finishing a two week task 🙂

    All positive stuff – great news on having more shorts published and I’m pretty convinced I’m going to buy and read your novels one day (and of course start bragging to anyone who’ll listen that I’m a close personal friend of the author haha!).

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    • Aw shucks. 🙂 I’m pining for the day my books can actually be bought. *long and dramatically wistful siiiiiiiiiigh*

      Ha, yup, the book’s been “almost done” for a few months now. I got held up for awhile by plot problems. I’m proceeding slowly now because as I write I have to iron out wrinkles in the outline and figure out who goes where and how and when and all that stuff. It’s a complicated ending…

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  4. Rejection’s painful, no matter how you slice it. I think it takes real courage to even try, and it’s so good to hear about your short stories!!! Where can readers find them? =]

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