My second publication – Fingers – is officially out!


Fingers is the harrowing tale of a teddy bear, a polka-dotted pig, a slimy-handed human, and the 25 cents that could upend everything. Now up at the awesome Jersey Devil Press!

If you feel like giving it a read, I will hug you forever. Not literally of course. I’ll hug you with my heart. Also not literally. I need that for mah bludz and such. Anyway you get what I mean. ❤


12 thoughts on “My second publication – Fingers – is officially out!

  1. Congrats! Love the story. This line in particular is a favorite of mine: “So many things the child could do with its flexibility, those joints and thumbs — thumbs! — but instead it sticks them in jam and smears them across everything as if the world were its bread.” Excellent flow and just awesome writing in general. 😀 So sad for the bear at the end though. And his friend. I will remain hopeful that they see each other again some day. 🙂

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