Second publication coming soon!

victory2I am very, greatly, extremely, utterly, and all sorts of other adverbs excited to announce that I’m having another short story published! (I’m reigning in the urge to use a ton more exclamation points. Fight it, Shannon… Fight it… ! …… !! …… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aw dang it)

I’m even happier to say that the magazine is Jersey Devil Press. This mag is GREAT! I’ve read so many good stories published here. If you’ve been wondering, “How can I dramatically improve my life, social status, career, and lovemaking abilities, all while never leaving my chair,” the answer is Be a JDP Reader. 100000 cool points for you.

The issue containing my piece will be out in October, at which time I will definitely post a link. I WILL POST A LINK SO HARD YOUR COMPUTERS WILL SHAKE AT THE FORCE OF IT.

This is my second publication in almost a year of submitting. It’s a long, hard process, but persistence pays off. (Now if I can finally publish the one that’s been wandering since November, that’d be swell!)

It’s funny, just before receiving the acceptance letter I’d been joking on Twitter about personifying my unpublished stories as vagrants looking for a home. Hobo stories! I wrote a short fun thing about this concept, which I’ll post next time. Stay tuned 🙂

(And in the meantime, if you want to read my first publication ever, about a sentient, overdramatic houseplant, you can do that here.)


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      • Oh no! Just saw this reply. I keep forgetting to click the notify me box when I comment! The vacation was amazing! We went to the British Isles. It was epic. We saw a ton of amazing natural landscapes, castles – so many castles -, great theatre in Edinburgh and London, met nice people, consumed great food, beer, whiskey and whisky. We didn’t want to come home. And when we did, it was to awful, hot L.A. weather and smog. Yuck. Oh for the highlands of Scotland! I can’t wait to go back.

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