I can’t say NEIGH to a unicorn!



unicorn award

The wonderful Caroline Peckham has given me this very magical, very sparkly blog award! Thank you Caroline! I’m so excited about this because, even as an adult, I’m still a sucker for unicorns. It’s all Peter S. Beagle’s fault.

This award is Caroline’s own creation, and she describes it as such:

This award is designed to celebrate your individuality as a person and fellow blogger. If you think about it a unicorn is just a horse with a horn and YOU are just a person with a blog and yet both equate to something special and unique!

Right on!

As a condition of accepting the award, I have been challenged to write a blurb about my life, as if it were the back of a book. Alright folks, here we go:

line break 3IN A WORLD… where creativity abounds but procrastination is just a cat video away, ONE WOMAN will open Microsoft Word… AND WRITE.

But first, some backstory…

It all begins when an act of DNA swapping goes DANGEROUSLY CORRECT. Nine months later, on a spring morning in 1987, Shannon Noel Brady SPAWNS MAJESTICALLY INTO EXISTENCE.

She grows up bouncing around the US, where she climbs lots of trees and writes lots of stories. She adores writing, and writing adores her—it’s a romance that will last forever. OR WILL IT?

In college she majors in dance, setting aside her romance with the written word. But her first love is not far from her mind, and it’s on one fateful day in autumn—probably raining, because that sounds appropriate—when that love walks back into her life and A STEAMY AFFAIR ERUPTS!

Dance understands, tells her it only wants her to be happy, and so she and writing gallop off into the sunset.


Will our intrepid author finally find an agent for her novel? Will she write another book? Will she ever stop watching that cat video and get back to work?


line break 3Quite a page-turner, that one. 😉

Now, my 5 nominations for the next recipients of this fine award. I did this only a few weeks ago for this award here, (a post which, weirdly enough, also includes a unicorn! [sort of] ) but I will choose 5 new blogs. These are all blogs that I actively seek out to read for their great posts, authored by super great, nice people.

1. Ruby Browne | Creative Nonfiction and Poetry
2. brainsylvania | stuff and nonsense
3. Pieces of mind | the official website of L Thomas Cater
4. Blood & Ink | The ravings of a frazzled writer
5. A New Lowe | Writings of things by Tristram Lowe

If you’ve been nominated and want to receive this shiny award, just complete the same challenge that I did (back-of-book blurb about your life) and nominate 5 more people. Unicorns all around!

And of course, read Caroline’s blog as well. It’s awesome, she’s awesome!



11 thoughts on “I can’t say NEIGH to a unicorn!

  1. Wow! I’ve never won a sparkling unicorn before! But I accept it with much gratitude! It’s my first blog award nomination and I’m such a newbie. 🙂 I have been remiss in writing my blog these past couple weeks though. Much happening, just not writing about it. Shame! I’m replenishing my energy stores though, and will rise to the challenge again. This fantastic award and a great podcast I listened to today have inspired me. Now to just make the time. Thanks, Shannon!!! Great post too, by the way. I’ll be checking out the other blogs you’ve nominated. And I will complete my challenge soon, so I can get that award! Lay off that cat video!

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  2. Oooooh, that’s really cool. I didn’t know you danced :3 I trained to be a professional ballet dancer, but a bad Achilles tendonitis injury put an end to it. Then I taught ballet with my mom and sister for many years, and I dabbled in it as an adult until I tore my right hip labrum 😦 Then I tore the left, retore the right. Reinjured my Achilles tendon, necessitating a walking cast for 4 years. I heal slooooowly due to EDS :/ Then my whole spine started to degenerate. I’m not able to dance again or even exercise, but I’m okay with that now.. I was really flexible before all of that though XD I used to lay on my tummy, and not only could I touch my toes to my head, but I could cover my eyes wih my feet, lol.

    Actually, one of my former students was accepted into San Francisco Ballet for their summer program. I am so proud of her! She’s such a gorgeous dancer, and I was her first teacher ^^

    Sorry, for the rambling XD Also, I didn’t know you were a Last Unicorn fan 8D That’s one of my favorite books/movies!!! Even still I can’t watch the movie without crying, and sometimes just the music will make me tear up. I bought the soundtrack for it. One of the few fantasy novels I’ve read.

    You do a great job on blurbs as well!

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    • That’s awesome that you were a dancer as well! Not awesome about the injuries though 😦 I’m so sorry to hear that. I started in ballet but then concentrated on modern/contemporary in my adulthood. I loved it and was a compulsive choreographer, but after awhile I realized it wasn’t meant for me as a career. Congrats on your student getting into SFB! That must be a great feeling. When I was teaching, my teen students won a competition with my choreo. It was the last big thing I did before setting dance aside. So that was a nice note to end on. 🙂 Oh yes, HUGE Last Unicorn fan! The film is beautiful, the book is breathtaking.


  3. Hello there!
    Today I went exploring a bit and I made a vist to the chamber of the guardian. The Kirin Tor keep all kinds of mighty artifacts there. And of course the mages have a lot of magical books. And since some of those books can be quite picky about where they stay and who they want to let them read, someone special needs to sort them.
    When I entered the librabry I met this special person. A young lady called Shannon Noel.
    She basically is very busy reading and sorting all those countless books. But sometimes, if you are lucky she will have a small chat with a visitor. Today I was lucky and she she told me about her passion of sorting books. She also showed me that she learned how to make her fantasy become inpiration when she summoned a sparkling unicorn for a few seconds for me.
    Whatever you do you must be a great inspiration for people that create the MMO World of Warcraft. Big enough for them to leave a trace in the game for explorers like me to find. So please keep doing it!
    Thank you!
    P.S.: Find more about what I am talking about here: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=99350/shannon-noel
    (There are also pictures of the unicorn – officially they aren’t called unicorns in Azeroth though)

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