I call it an appling hook. Like a grappling hook, but for apples.

appleAah! My last post got a lot of new followers to the blog. Thanks guys! You’re awesome! I guess people benefited from my sage advice. I really should charge money for this.

I’m feeling a bit of pressure to deliver something worthwhile for the new folks, to prove their click of the follow button wasn’t just a freak finger spasm. But what should I post about? I decided to compile a list of ideas for future blogging. They are:

  1. Apples! What are my opinions on them?? How do they work??
  2. A tutorial for how to put your pants on without getting one leg stuck in the hole and falling over. Still haven’t mastered this but perhaps I can blog about the learning process.
  3. ………….
  4. Apples again????

That’s all I have so far. In more seriousness now, I do have some ideas clanking around in the ol’ brain can. But, since I don’t follow Tip #5 in my previous post, I feel obliged to mention what new readers can expect. My identity is a braid of two primary elements, the funny and the feelingsy. This is why you might find humor in one post and embarrassingly heartfelt poetry in the next. (Just kidding. I’m not embarrassed at all! So there!) I make a lot of jokes but I’m a big gooey ~feeler~ on the inside. Both sides are important to my life and their combination is a signature feature in my work.

On top of that, I’d also like to do a post or two about more academic topics within the book world – philosophies, story tropes, character analyses, that sort of thing.

And I definitely want to post more actual writings. Short stories I unfortunately can’t post here if I want to publish them, so that’s out. I’m working hard on my second novel, but much of it would be difficult to share due to excerpts being out of context. Thus, I’d like to get more into flash fiction.

But flash fiction about what?? Let’s compile a list of ideas.

  1.  ……………………………………………………….. Apples.

You know what, I’ll compile this list later.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who has newly followed! I really do appreciate it. And! For those who missed it, today is the one month birthday of my first published short story! I’d love it if you gave it a read. The Houseplant in Love with a Girl: http://www.vandercave.com/houseplant



4 thoughts on “I call it an appling hook. Like a grappling hook, but for apples.

  1. Okay, I understand how tone works, but I would be very interested in reading a post about apples. Or a poem. Maybe a villanelle . . . Also, we really like weird flash fiction over at Jersey Devil Press, so feel free to try us when you send out your next batch of submissions.

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