In exactly one week…


…I will stepping through the doors of the SDSU Writer’s Conference.

Cue the Lamaze breathing exercises: HEE HEE HOO HOO…

And maybe some flailing. But as I always say, better to flail and face your fears than to hide and not flail at all! (She said bravely, while her arms whirled above her head like knee socks in a wind storm.)

But seriously, I’m really excited about it. The flailing has subsided now that I’ve got almost all of my preparatory tasks handled. And how! I handled ’em so hard, they filed an assault charge against me. BUT I HANDLED THAT TOO.

I signed up to have the first ten pages of my novel, Milo and Violet, critiqued by two literary agents. I’ll be getting feedback straight from The Agent’s perspective. This is a huge deal! It’s coming at the perfect time too, because I haven’t cast out any queries yet. I’ll be able to fix what needs fixing before any envelopes are licked.

Basically what I’m saying is I’m stoked. 🙂 Friday, January 23rd! Count it down!

Conference website:


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